About Kim

Kim Gatlin had been told her whole life she “had some great stories” but being a writer had never been on her to do list. Having always been told she expressed herself well, she was often asked to write letters for people when it was one of those letters that needed to make a significant impact.

In 2006, Kim and her husband of 16 yrs, country music artist Rudy Gatlin of the Gatlin Brothers divorced amicably in consideration of their two young children. A staple in the society pages, a quiet divorce was deemed unacceptable to some and the more ridiculous the gossip became the more damage they felt was being done to their children. Advised to journal by a divorce counselor, “Good Christian Bitches” started out as therapy for a traumatized divorcee and protective mother and her journals were used as the basis for the story. As her greatest heartbreaks were caused by a very few women in the neighborhood who were always championing themselves as “good Christian women,” Kim jokingly referred to them one day as “Good Christian Bitches” and a new label was born in addition to a book title. She turned over months and months worth of journals to a ghost writer and six months later her first book was published in Oct of 2008.

Kim met with Darren Star of Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, and Sex and the City fame in April of 2009 and he optioned the rights to GCB for TV. The show premiered in March 2012 and continues to receive favorable ratings and reviews. Her next book is “Good Christian Bastards,” a male version of her first.

Kim Gatlin was born and raised in the Park Cities area of Dallas where she still lives with her two children, Austin-21 and Lauren-15.


For further information and media bookings, contact Kay Hammond at kay@goodchristianbitches.com