Welcome to the brand new and very improved GoodChristianBitches.com

Welcome to the brand new and very improved GoodChristianBitches.com


We warmly welcome you to the original and official web site for “Good Christian Bitches”, the book the new ABC show “GCB” is based on. Here, you will be delighted to find:

GCB NEWS… not rumor, not speculation, not spin from the naysayers. Visit here first when you want it straight from the source.

RECAPS AND SNEAK PEEKS…. Each week we’ll recap Sunday night’s episode and get a glimpse into the following week because many are doing it… some do it very badly, some do it very well, but we’ll consistently do it like no one else because we know it like no one else.

THE INSIDER’S PAGE…. of who, what, where, when, why and often… how!

A SACRED PAGE…. to hold those lively discussions we were hoping to have by publishing the book in the first place.

We’re SO glad you’re here…… Diamond crosses and Loubi’s are optional but encouraged…..

With Big Bitchy Love,

Kim Gatlin


  1. TBT
    Apr 27, 2012

    Can’t wait to check out GCB

  2. Pat
    Apr 29, 2012

    Like, totally can’t wait for the spinoff; “Nasty Jew Bitches”, make it happen! NJB will be a hit!

    • kimg
      May 18, 2012

      Well, since I’m not Jewish, that would be grossly inappropriate which, I should mention while we’re on the subject, the reason the book is “Good Christian Bitches” as opposed to anything else is because I AM a Christian and this was my experience.

  3. Ty
    Oct 15, 2012

    BRING BACK GCB! or at least let another network that has sense to know genius when they see it run with it. This show has the makings to become a syndicate on the level of shows like Seinfeld and Friends. My family, friends and myself have been waiting anxiously for GBC to return this season only to be disappointed. THEN WE WERE INSULTED WITH REPLACEMENTS like 666, Red widow, and last resort (which I will admit i have not seen because the advertisements have generated no interest in seeing them).

    I also think that the lack of good advertising of these shows contributed to the death of Pan Am. I myself never watched a single episode of Pan Am because I did not see one commercial or preview that made me want to tune in. I could have been the best show on earth, but unless you knew the secret it was just a name on the tv guide and nothing more. I feel the opposite extreme has been done on the new replacement shows especially with 666. I’ve seen too much advertisement on that show which tells me one thing — anything that has to be hyped up that much is going to be a huge disappointment. I digress…

    To surmise, if ABC doesn’t want to run with good shows, they need to let other newer networks purchase the rights to the show. I’m sure Bravo or BBC America would LOVE the rights to GBC.

  4. Linda
    Aug 20, 2013

    It seems to me that when something is good, it is taken off before
    it gets a chance . I wish everyone a blessed day and hope someone
    picks it up.

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